About us

At the beginning of 2018, we were looking for office space for our former business. After several months of searching, an opportunity came up in the town of Mouscron. There was just one problem: the size of the building was much larger than what we were looking for. From there, the problem turned into a solution. Sharing the space with other companies.

After sharing this vision with other people from a variety of backgrounds – freelancers, entrepreneurs and employees – we noticed a real craze. Meeting and exchanging are needs that many of us want to fulfill in the workplace. So the Skylab Factory made perfect sense.

The idea of coworking spaces was already widespread in major cities such as Paris, Brussels, New York and Melbourne. However, setting up a coworking space in a medium-sized town like Mouscron was a risky gamble.

After several months of reflection, we decided to go ahead with the project, and it was in May 2018 that the first Skylab opened its doors.

Initially, open space occupied almost the entire surface. Over time, the companies present evolved with different needs. Some were looking for more privacy and calm. Others wanted to be able to receive their customers confidentially. We listened to their needs and took the initiative to respond to them by offering a tailored service.

From 9, we have grown to 22 private offices on the same site. We’re delighted to be able to support some of our partners from the outset, offering them the means to evolve. We are also fortunate to welcome large-scale companies who have opted for our private office package.

Today, Skylab Factory is present in Mouscron, Mons, Tournai and soon Brussels.

We work with over fifty international companies on a total surface area of over 7,000m².

Proud of our evolution, we welcome you to all our centers with a simple philosophy:

Enjoy your Business

We are available.

If you wish to receive more information on our services, prices, or formulas don’t hesitate to contact us!
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